Why ithought

Investing is a journey. This journey needs a road map.

The uncertainties are aplenty. Milestones need to be crossed.

The route itself may need to change mid course. You need to know the route thoroughly.

Roadblocks may arise which stop you in your tracks. You need to know how to overcome them.

Course corrections are often required. Managing the course requires constant review.

These are essentially a specialists job. Most importantly, the specialist must be constant.

ithought fills exactly this need. The ithought way addresses the entire journey’s needs. We ensure you stay on course to your destination. En route, we constantly review every decision for you. Importantly, we stay the course with you. The ithought way is not a business. It is born out of a successful investor’s experience.

ithought is a Registered Investment Advisor (No. INA200004276) with SEBI