Financial Planning Services in Chennai & Bangalore

Everybody creates wealth. The magnitude of what each individual achieves may vary. But, bottom-line is everybody accumulates wealth.
The value of how much depends on how you do it. It also depends on who you are and what you believe in. If you are diligent and persistent, your wealth will grow systematically. If you know when to seize opportunity, then wealth will leapfrog.

Where to start?

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life. - Suze Orman
  • Invest time and patience on investing money and you will start seeing visible results.
  • Now, can you do it on your own? Remember, not everyone can do it. But, with a mentor guiding you, you can reach your goals.
  • ithought helps you understand your potential, estimate the prospect, establish a process and embark on the wealth creation journey. Most importantly, ithought travels the entire distance with you treating your wealth creation process as our own.

Financial Analytics Services in Chennai & Bangalore

Most people are into one mutual fund scheme or other, to Save on Tax or simply to invest. And invariably, you tend to invest and forget about the same for atleast 3 years, during which time the money is also locked in.
It is a common trend that those who believe in mutual funds, rely on equity schemes. They invest on hearsay or go with their distributors' recommendations.
Financial Analytics in Chennai
  • Many a time, the investment is done in a huff, with little follow up leaving investors in the dark, unsure of how their investment is faring or its status.
  • Decisions related to money should ideally be evaluated periodically. The need for reassurance evaluation of the decisions taken and validation of strategies chosen is vital.
  • Investors therefore need to be aware of their investments, and its performance. Remember, with periodic evaluation, your wealth creation outcome can change.
  • Yes, this does requires a set of skills, research, systematic understanding and evaluation. This is why you should take the guidance of an expert when talking about money matters.
  • At ithought, with our expertise in this domain, we offer you iAnalytics, a timely and reliable re-evaluation of your mutual funds.
  • Expert advice is within your reach, so why not use it?

Financial Advisors Services in Chennai & Bangalore

If you have always felt the need to get the right counsel on finance, ithought is just for you. An out of the box approach to wealth creation is our USP.
  • We look at your wealth creation as our objective and work with you towards achieving it.
  • Our approach to managing your earnings/wealth is systematic, customized and caters to your needs and background.
  • We seek to accomplish results that will help you reach your goals and dreams. Our team of qualified professionals will spend time understanding you and travel with you through the wealth creation process.
  • We use financial products like mutual funds, bonds, ETF and other options as investment vehicles to accomplish your wealth creation.